Fund Summary

  • Stage Point Fund (“SPF” or the “Fund”) is a niche private real estate lender specializing in lending against residential property in RI, MA, and PA with southeast Florida, Tennessee and Virginia identified as promising markets for expansion.
  • Fund borrowers are typically experienced contractors and real estate entrepreneurs in their respective markets and are frequently repeat customers
  • The Fund always has a first lien position on its loans.  Asset quality, valuation and margin of safety are key to our underwriting
  • The Fund’s goal is to deliver a high yield, low duration debt-like investment with near term liquidity (after the initial lockup) to our investors
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Service Providers and Fund Info

Residential Real Estate Owner and Operator - Twenty Twelve LLC

Stage Point Capital and Stage Point Fund own controlling interests in a Residential Real Estate Owner and Operator – Twenty Twelve LLC (“2012 LLC”or the “Firm”). The Firm invests directly in residential real estate, primarily single and multi-family homes, which it renovates, owns, and manages and in some cases sells for capital gains. The Firm maintains a buy and hold strategy to generate net income and build a diverse portfolio of assets.