Stage Point Alternatives (‘SPA’)1 provides complementary investment management services to SPC’s investors and its clients in the areas of specialty and structured finance. Whether via Separately Managed Account (“SMA”) or Sub-Advisory Services (“SAS”), SPA offers clients an outsourced alternative relative to the time and capital-intensive process of establishing their own sector expertise.  SPA provides clients an added layer of knowledge, expertise and oversight  that benefits our investors and their portfolios.

SPA is a trusted advisor across many asset classes, whether for securities, loans (including ‘hard’ assets) and for making direct investments in speciality originators or firms. Our team’s expertise includes, but is not limited to:

    • Consumer Assets – autos, home improvement, factoring, equipment
    • Transportation and Aerospace – aircraft and engines, containers, and ships
    • Commercial Assets – Commercial Real Estate (CRE) loans and leases, CMBS, and CRE-CLOs
    • Renewables and Energy Management Contracts – solar and industrial improvement

Our goal is to continue building a world-class, structured finance-focused asset management platform. We opportunistically invest in, and actively manage structured finance and specialty assets using cash flow, bottom-up, and top-down analyses across our investment funds, managed vehicles, and separately managed accounts.

1 Stage Point Alternatives (‘SPA’), formerly known as ‘Akkadian Investment Management, LLC’, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stage Point Capital.